Editorial Policy of the Journal

Bulletin of the CAA is a scientific journal publishing scientific articles on topical issues of industrial science. The editorial board, reviewers and authors of the journal strive to maintain high standards of scientific and publication ethics: transparency of interaction between the editorial team and the authors of the journal, mandatory review of all articles submitted to the journal, free access to publications.

The journal is an open access publication: all users can read, download, refer to and copy published materials without impediment and at no cost.

The journal is published in accordance with the following main principles of editorial policy:

The editorial board of the journal is guided in its activities by the principles of professionalism, objectivity, scientific character, and impartiality. Authors, members of the editorial board, and the editor-in-chief of the journal bear appropriate ethical obligations associated with the preparation of a scientific publication and dissemination of the research insights. The interaction of the editors with authors is based on the principles of transparency, honesty, courtesy, fairness and objectivity.

All content of the journal, with the exception of advertising and editorial publications clearly identified as such, undergo mandatory peer review. Manuscripts undergo the preparation process for publication.

Informational transparency. Information about the issuing office, editorial board, reviewing and publication of scientific articles, and other information in accordance with the informational transparency of the publication is published on the journal’s website.

The author of the publication must be a person who has participated significantly in its creation. All authors must register affidavit of consent officially for publication. Copyright is respected in accordance with the legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Journal objectives:

  • attracting well-known domestic and foreign authors to the publication for the exchange of opinions between researchers and expanding scientific partnerships;
  • improving the culture and quality of peer review by inviting authoritative domestic and foreign experts to cooperate;
  • providing full-text access to scientific articles, increasing the accessibility and openness of publications in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • inclusion into international databases (Scopus; Web of Science, etc.)
  • increasing the journal’s impact factor.

Main sections of the Journal:

  • Air Transport and Technologies
  • Logistics, Organization of Transportation, Transport safety
  • Computer Science, Instrumentation Engineering and Automation

The editorial policy was reviewed and approved by the ST
C of the Civil Aviation Academy:

  1. The editorial policy
  2. Minutes of the STC of CAA