Procedure for peer review of articles

Peer review of manuscripts of scientific articles in journals of the issuing office “Bulletin of the Civil Aviation Academy” is carried out in order to ensure a high scientific and theoretical level of publications, selecting the most valuable and relevant scientific works, and making specific proposals for improving the reviewed materials.

Reviewing of manuscripts is organized by the editorial board of the publishing house and is carried out in order to ensure and maintain a high scientific and theoretical level of the publication, selection of the most valuable and relevant (promising) scientific works. It is carried out by a corps of reviewers, including members of the editorial board of the issuing office.

All materials submitted for publication in the journal are subject to review.

Peer review is a procedure for reviewing and expert evaluation by reviewers of a scientific article proposed for publication in order to determine the feasibility of its publication, identifying its advantages and disadvantages, which is important for improving the manuscript by the author and the editors.

Double-blind peer review — neither the author nor the reviewer is aware of each other’s identity.

Principles of peer review

  1. All publications of the journal “Bulletin of the Civil Aviation Academy” are reviewed.
  2. Reviewers are selected by members of the editorial board.
  3. Submitted articles are reviewed by at least two independent scientists in the relevant scientific field who are not members of the editorial board.
  4. Reviewers should be specialists with an academic degree, qualifications and research experience, which allows them to give a competent assessment of the manuscript.
  5. Reviewing of articles is carried out in accordance with the ethical requirements of scientific publications adopted by the issuing office. 
  6. Repeated reviewing (control of elimination of comments) is carried out by the reviewer who conducted the initial review.

Reviews of manuscripts of scientific articles are stored in the editorial office of the journal for at least 5 years and can be presented at the request of the supervisory authority.       

Peer-review deadlines

  1. Reviewing of scientific materials occurs within ten calendar days.
  2. Correcting the articles based on the remarks of reviewers, as well as re-examination of manuscripts, can take one month.

Rules for material evaluation

The reviewer evaluates the article according to the following criteria:

  1. scientific level of the material (relevance, scientific novelty, theoretical/practical significance, statement of the problem, formulation of the conclusion and reasoning of the findings, selection of sources);
  2. level of presentation of basic material of the research (correspondence of the title of the article to its content, correspondence of the annotation to the content of the article, correspondence of the size of the article to its content, choice of keywords and phrases, logic, interconnectedness and quality of presentation of the material).

If necessary, each remark is accompanied by a detailed commentary from the reviewer. 
Based on the results of the assessment, the reviewer makes a conclusion about the compliance of the scientific material with the requirements, the need for its improvement or the possibility of publication.

The decision to publish

Based on the reviewers’ conclusions, members of the editorial board make a decision:

  • on publication of a scientific article;
  • about sending the article for revision;
  • material rejection.

The decision made is brought to the author ‘s notice in writing.
If the article is sent for revision, the author is provided with a copy of the review and recommendations for finalizing the material.

The author may not agree with some of the reviewer’s recommendations. In this case, he can prepare reasoned objections.

Reviews are stored on the journal portal for 3 years.

The decision to publish is made after receiving 2 positive reviews.

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