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№-1 (28) 2023
Authors: Bekbolatova A.B.,Ozhigin D.S., Tleubekova N.A.
Number of magazine: №-1 (28) 2023

Abstract: This article presents methods of ground and remote sensing for measuring changes in permafrost height with different levels of accuracy and spatial coverage.

Keywords: thermocastra, UAVs, ice, drone, aerial photography.

Authors: Kabdylkhakov E.M.
Number of magazine: №-1 (28) 2023


This article is intended to provide information about the current aircraft orientation
equipment in the airspace. The article is intended to put forward a hypothesis about the formation of
a new complex of aircraft navigation, which would be available everywhere and would not be
dependent on the ground complex throughout the flight.

Keywords: aerial navigation, satellite navigation, inertial navigation, positional methods of
location determination, path numbering method, zonal navigation.

Authors: Alibekkyzy K.
Number of magazine: №-1 (28) 2023

Annotation. This article analyzes the methods and management of the unmanned aerial vehicle
control system. The effectiveness of using the program language and the ability to use it in the control
system of unmanned aerial vehicles and observe changes that occur in them during flight is discussed.
With the help of the programming language, we will be able to perform the task assigned to the UAV
with great accuracy by creating a regulator for the Prevention of uncertainties in an
emergency.Getting tests and models of drones in real flight using a programming language.

Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV control systems, programming langu

Authors: Lavrentieva A.V.,Ozhigin D.S.,Akhmetbekov D.A.,Turdubaev R.A.
Number of magazine: №-1 (28) 2023

Abstract: This article discusses the method of using UAVs to provide ground commands when
extinguishing forest fires. The possibilities of using UAVs that prove their effectiveness are given.

Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicle, monitoring, extinguishing forest fires.

Authors: Alibekkyzy K.
Number of magazine: №-1 (28) 2023

Annotation. Indoor Visible Light Communication (VLC) methods are expected to use LED
infrastructure to provide data transmission and general lighting. To fully cover the area of
illumination, several LEDs must be used. Each bulb is made up of an array of LEDs. In a typical VLC
channel simulation, each array is usually treated as a single point source. This simplification provides
very low computational complexity, but may lead to inaccurate modeling in some cases. This article
compares various LED array approximation schemes in terms of channel characteristics. The exact
structure of each array or approximate constellation is considered.

Keywords: visible light connection; modeling accuracy; brighten eyes;

Authors: Saydakhmedov R.Kh., Xakimov X.I
Number of magazine: №-1 (28) 2023

Abstract. The article discusses the mechanical processing of aircraft parts on CNC machines
made of hard-to-process materials. Methods of preparation of control programs for CNC machines
are considered. A control program for an airplane part has been developed using the SolidWorks
software product. The efficiency of the technological process of mechanical processing depends on
the correct choice of equipment, technological cutting modes, and the choice of cutting tools.

Key words: hard-to-process materials, CNC machines, control program, aircraft parts.

Authors: Bala Agha Asad Karimov, Polad Ilyas Ismayilov, Vasif Elman Gasimov

Annotation. This article discusses the importance of the need to digitalize the processes of logistics systems in international transport corridors on the example of the future Zangezur project.
The main goal of any transport corridor is to provide communication (both economic and political) between states and increase the share of supply turnover (export and import). Today, it is
the digitalization of traffic flows that seems to be one of the most important and priority tasks in the framework of the development and creation of new routes for international corridors.
Considering that the Zangezur corridor has a huge potential to become the key to the One Belt One Road project, the introduction of smart logistics systems is more relevant than ever.

Keywords: International transport corridors, smart logistics systems, digitalization, emerging technologies.

Authors: Mazhitova S.M.

Аbstract. This article is devoted to the consideration of airport aviation security as a complex
function. The article uses the analysis of advantages and disadvantages, as well as the method of
formalization. Using two methods, a multi-criteria task was formulated, which serves as the basis for
building an airport security system based on key indicators. At the same time, the main aspects
reflecting the most important points in the distribution of the significance of the criteria by their
weight coefficients were noted.

Keywords: aviation security, security formalization, quantitative safety indicators, procedural
approach, criteria approach, multi-criteria task, aviation security task.

Authors: Markova E.G.

Annotation. This article includes foreign language courses in a non-linguistic university and
analyzes the requirements for the lexical qualification of students of aviation specialties. The article
made a decision on the nomenclature of productive and receptive lexical skills useful for the
formation of aviation university students. The features of aviation terminology are considered.
Exercises for the development of lexical skills are offered.

Keywords: intercultural communicative professionally oriented competence, aviation
terminology, productive-receptive lexical skills, lexical exercises.

Authors: Akbayeva A.N., Akbayeva L.N.

Abstract. In the article, the authors reveal the relevance and practical significance of
ethnoaesthetic education in Kazakhstan, which is actualized by the need to introduce the discipline
«Ethnoaesthetics» in higher educational institutions of the Republic. The purpose of studying the
discipline is the formation of an ethnoaesthetic type of personality. Since only he is able to bring into
the Kazakh society a stabilizing, long-term oriented spiritual principle. Ethnoaesthetics as a discipline
consists of three sections: 1) the history of Kazakh aesthetic thought; 2) ethnoaesthetic education; 3)
theoretical ethnoaesthetics. he historical section of ethnoaesthetics consists of an implicit form (empirical material) and an explicit form (theoretical works). The second section includes the study of the theory of
ethnoaesthetic education and its means – Kazakh folk art (oral-poetic, musical (instrumental and
song), arts and crafts, national holidays and games), and professional art (fiction, architecture, cinema,
fine, dance and theatrical arts). The theoretical section of ethnoaesthetics includes the subject of
ethnoaesthetics, a system of categories and values, an ideal model of a national person, Kazakh
aesthetic culture.
Key words: ethnoaesthetics, ethnoaesthetic education, history of Kazakh aesthetic thought,
ethnoaesthetic education, theoretical ethnoaesthetics, Kazakh folk and professional art, Kazakh
aesthetic culture.