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№-2 (25) 2022
Authors: Kanafina B.A., Litvinov Yu.G.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Abstract: Fliht dsts recorder are used for an objective analysis of the causes and prevention of accidents and incidents, for the mechanical and technical control of on-board equipment systems and forecasting their mechanical and technical condition, as well as for assessing the actions of the flight crew in the performance of a specific flight task.

Keywords: flight data recorder system, means of objective control, data processing.

Authors: Isgandarov I.A.,Bakhshiyev H.E.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Abstract. This paper analyses the features, types and principles of construction of miniature gyroscopes and accelerometers, as one of the main types of sensors of inertial measuring systems. An analysis is also being made of the possibilities and prospects for integrating magnetometers and GPS modules into inertial computing systems, which significantly improvers the performance of the measuring system. The physical principles and mathematical models of MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and their integrated modules are presented, which make it possible to build miniature magnetic heading and attitude meters for aircraft with high accuracy. A typical MEMS model with an accelerometer and a gyroscope is considered, a mathematical model and a MatLab/Simulink model of such a MEMS sensor system are given, which makes it possible to build a real model of system for measuring the attitude and course of aircraft.

Keywords: MEMS sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, inertial computing systems, mathematical model, attitude, Simulink model.

Authors: Grossul P.P., Ozhigin D.S., Ozhigina S.B., Baigali R.K., Kubaidullina U.A.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Abstract.The article presents the results of a comparative analysis of digital aerial photography based on the use of manned aviation and modern technologies using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Key words: unmanned aerial vehicle, digital aerial photography, manned aviation, mapping.

Authors: Zhanzak G.S., Koshekov K.T.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Abstract: The threat of cyberattacks today is one of the main problems in the activities of modern aviation. This article will consider common methods of hacking unmanned aerial vehicles as well as regulatory legal acts on the cyber protection of UAVs.

Keywords: UAV, cyber threat, GPS-spoofing, malware, traffic interception.

Authors: Zakirova L.Z.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Abstract. The article discusses the possibilities and efficiency of designing the creation of aircraft parts in 3D modeling using the automated system AutoCAD 2022. It is possible to design the external and internal layout of the aircraft, to determine in advance the structural-load diagram of the main components of the aircraft and to automatically coordinate it with the layout solutions. In conclusion, the article discusses the conclusions about the use of this software. This is an increase in the efficiency of engineers’ labor, the creation of high-quality design documentation, and development.

Key words: airplane, design, CAD, parametrical 3d model of an airplane, initial design matrix, layout.

Authors: Kuanov Y.Y.,Koshekov K.T.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Annotation. General aviation is an important part of civil aviation. General aviation has a long production chain that can lead to likely economic development impacts. In this article, we study the external factors of the development of the general aviation industry in the Almaty region, such as politics, economics, society, science and technology, using SWOT-analysis. Let’s analyze the definition of the sides of location, economics, politics, weather, etc. etc., coming due to lack of talent, lack of airports and owned facilities, etc., opportunities such as government support and broad market prospects, etc. as well as risk factors such as fierce market competition, volatile market, and so on because of this, including the four strategies of positive development, backwardness reduction, threat avoidance and protection. These strategies may offer assistance in federal politics.

Keywords: SWOT-analysis, general aviation, Almaty region, strategy.

Authors: Шаяхметова А.Г., Кошеков К.Т., Зуев Д.В.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Abstract. In this paper, the methods of developing virtual reality applications designed for the training and retraining of aviation industry specialists are considered. The analysis of the stages of development of software tools for VR applications is carried out.

Key words: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, programming, modeling, visualization, assembly.

Authors: Najafov E., Hasanli O.

Abstract. Outsourcing services widespread in developed countries, have been used in the economic market of the Republic of Azerbaijan in recent years, mainly in the fields of accounting, human resources, marketing, information technology and logistics. Our previous study on “Logistics in the transport complex of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, based on 11 criteria for the development of logistics outsourcing, concluded that the lack of trust between companies and their desire to maintain control in most areas is one of the reasons for poor development of logistics outsourcing. The new article discusses the new criteria developed by us in addition to the existing criteria in the literature to assess the existing concerns of companies before concluding a mutual agreement in the field of outsourcing and to conduct internal and external evaluations of logistics outsourcing services. Considering that the criteria given in the literature do not fully cover the internal evaluation of logistics outsourcing services, an additional risk assessment criterion was proposed by us. In addition to the criteria given in the literature, two other criteria was developed by us in the external evaluation of logistics outsourcing services, which reflect the capacity of logistics providers and tracking of vehicles in use. The problem of unreliability and mistrust between companies and enterprises will be solved to some extent by making the optimal decisions through the new method discussed in this article.

Key words: logistics, outsourcing, economics, transport logistics, 3PL, 4PL, evaluation method, logistics management.

Authors: Magerramzade M.A., Najafov E.M.

Abstract. The purpose of the article is to analyze and substantiate the need for state regulation and support of logistics processes. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set: state and problems of state regulation of logistics processes; ways to improve state regulation and support of transport and logistics processes.

Keywords: logistics, regulation, logistics company, tax, transport.

Authors: Gasimov Sh. V., Kerimov B. A.
Number of magazine: №-2 (25) 2022

Annotation. The article discusses the construction of the regional logistics center of the city of Yevlakh of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The construction of such facilities contributes to the creation of new jobs, the economic development of the region, as well as the influx of foreign investment.

Keywords: logistics, region, logistics center, transport networks, cargo transportation.

Authors: Bekaulova Zh.M.,Bekaulov N.M.,Duzbayev N.T.,Amazholova S.T.

Abstract. The article is devoted to the theoretical consideration of the phenomenon of smart technologies in modern education from the perspective of the development of universal and professional competencies. The process of teaching students involves turning to innovation, since the use of new technologies significantly expands the boundaries of teaching, and obtaining knowledge, and applying existing skills in practice. The inclusion of such innovations as smart technologies in the educational space of a modern University leads to a valuable transition to versatile learning. Students immersion in the sphere of new educational technologies actualizes previously hidden creative and intellectual resources, motivates research activities, and increases the level of cognitive interest. A conceptual model with an adaptive online educational system based on SMART technologies can be used in two possible ways. The first, as an additional tool for modifying the traditional learning process by optimizing repetitive elements that can be automated. Second, to modernize the current learning process by introducing new teaching methods, such as e-learning, m-learning, blended learning, and others. As a result, system promotes shift of teacher-centric approach to the student-centric. Nevertheless, it is noted that the role of the teacher is not leveled, but rather, the teacher acts as a mentor who will be able to maximize his/her potential using SMART technologies. This, in turn, will positively affect the quality of knowledge received by students in this educational system.

Keywords: e-learning, online assessment, adaptive learning, adaptive assessment, adaptive testing, knowledge graph, smart technologies, m-learning, graph theory.

Authors: Shaimanov A.S.

Abstract. The purpose of this article is to learn about how the weather affects flight safety, what consequences it has after it, and generally about how the weather affects aviation. The author widely reveals the causes and consequences of this meteorological phenomenon, citing living examples. The author pays special attention to the role of weather in the life of each of us and, of course, what role will it play in the field of aviation.

Keywords: aviation, weather, affects, consequences, meteorological, flight safety.