Authors: Kashkinbayeva K.S.,Yesenalieva M.D.
UDC 378.09:372.881.111.1

Abstract. Pilots, air traffic controllers and other personnel who use English when exchanging
radio on international routes must have at least Level 4 (operational) of English in order to meet the
ICAO requirements for foreign language proficiency. Appendix A (Appendix 1) to ICAO document
9835, which specifies the requirements for language proficiency, states that pilots, air traffic
controllers and aviation station operators must demonstrate the ability to speak the language used in
radiotelephone communication and understand it at the level specified in this Annex. The document
provides six descriptors: pronunciation; structure; vocabulary; freedom of speech; level of
understanding; building communication/ communication. The candidate’s level is assessed on the
basis of above mentioned six descriptors. The article aims to identify effective methods and assessment methods based on international requirements for determining the language proficiency level of students in the field of Civil Aviation. To achieve the purpose of the scientific article, the qualitative method was used for secondary research and a review of domestic and international regulatory documents, and literature was carried out.

Keywords: aviation, English, ICAO, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, interaction.

Numbers of magazine:
№-2 (29) 2023