Authors: Nurmoldanov D.M., Imasheva G.M.
UDC 629.7

Abstract. The article provides an overview of how to solve problems related to the transparency of the supply chain. The advantages of the work are: assessing the competitiveness of our country in logistics, applying new methods to improve the supply chain, and applying intelligent logistics solutions. Kazakhstan, as you know, is the ninth largest country in the world. Located in the heart of the Eurasian continent at the junction of the borders of Europe and Asia, our country has a high transit potential.
Given the growing volume of cargo flows between a major producer China and a significant consumer Europe during the period of overcoming the consequences of the global crisis, the main goal of Kazakhstan’s transport policy remains the further creation of the Eurasian transcontinental bridge. And for the full functioning of the country’s transit potential, it is necessary to introduce new technologies in logistics. What technology is in question, we will consider later in the article.

Keywords: logistics, intelligent solution, supply chain, transparency, transportation.

Numbers of magazine:
№-1 (20) 2021