Authors: Karsakbayev A.N.,Zolotov A.D.
UDC 007.2

Abstract. In article there are given research results of automated air conditioning systems in production locations.   Optimum parameters of weather conditions exert impact not only on health of the person, but also on productivity of his work. Therefore the solution of this problem is important not only from the economic, but also physiological point of view. From the point of view of ynamics the most difficult subject to regulation in installation of air conditioning is the irrigation camera. The mathematical model of the camera of irrigation was developed for optimum сontrol of the air conditioning system, on its basis the regression model of an object is created and the algorithm of operation of automated system taking into account coefficient of connectivity of three controlled parameters of motion speed, temperature and humidity is developed. This algorithm allows to support the given temperature and moist parameters, as was shown in case of simulation of system in a software package of LabVIEW.

Keywords: air conditioning system, microcontroller, automated control system.

Numbers of magazine:
№-3 (22) 2021