Authors: Temirbekov E.S., Arinov E., Bostanov B.O.
UDC 681.521

Abstract. In this article, a gripper with drives in the form of three flexible traction elements is modeled. It is being developed for performing grasping operations by means of robotics, which will not only increase productivity, but also take over the performance of orientation work. Here, a flat model of the gripper with static calculations is developed, the relationship between the reactions at the contact points of the teeth of the gripper and the captured cylindrical object, the forces in three flexible traction elements and the metric parameters of the gripper are shown. Taking a flat model as a basis, a 3D model of this grip was also developed on Inventor. The problem of the contact of the teeth of the grip and the cylindrical surface of the object that arose during the development was solved by replacing the theoretically straight point line of contact with a real narrow rectilinear strip at the end of each tooth. The calculated 3D model of the grip turned out to be correct, as shown by the corresponding diagram. The resulting calculation model allows you to perform calculations for strength and stiffness on the Inventor, as well as simulate the metric parameters of the grip and the external load to obtain the optimal size of the grip and calculate the forces on the drives to obtain the permissible forces on the teeth of the grip.

Keywords: grip, strength, stiffness, scheme, model.

Numbers of magazine:
№-2 (21) 2021