Authors: Tenbaeva A.M
UDC 811.512

Abstract. The article is devoted to the consideration of some foreign studies on the cognitive aviation metaphor. This kind of metaphor is included in the general classification of scientific metaphor. It is also important that the choice of the topic was determined by the interest of the scientific community in the study of cognitive metaphors in various fields of knowledge, including in the language of science. The figurative meaning of words in the aviation sphere is one of the significant ways of understanding phenomena and objects. The author of the article emphasizes that the aviation metaphor is a necessary element of the Russian and English languages.
Tenbaeva A.M. notes the special interest of scientists in the functioning of the path in the English scientific language. The theoretical commonality of the functioning of the aviation metaphor in two languages is marked. Special attention is paid to the productive groups of the trail. Of particular interest is a group of terms based on parallels with human life and the animal world. The article also outlines ways to further study the processes of metaphorization.

Keywords: research, term, cognitive metaphor, aviation metaphor, groups of metaphors, concept.

Numbers of magazine:
№-4 (23) 2021