Authors: Maratov E.D., Zolotov A.D., Ospanov E.A.
UDC 65:681.5

Abstract. The compliance of large and medium-sized enterprises with modern requirements depends entirely on the level of the company’s equipment with information tools based on automated accounting systems. Computer accounting has its own characteristics and is fundamentally different from conventional accounting. The use of a computer and an automated accounting system reduces and simplifies the time spent on the formation of the collected information and documents for the management and analysis of the trading process. Although you can get a report on the trading situation even without the help of an automated system, it takes a lot of time to calculate it, and it may not be necessary during this time, or you can quickly get it with the help of many accountants, but the salary spent on them may be much higher than the profit received as a result of the report. For this reason, the use of automated systems in a trading institution allows us to improve the quality of the trading scheme by “moving from quantity to quality” and speeding up accounting. The article discusses the role of management systems in the field of financial and economic activity of the enterprise. Proposes to develop a system for commercial enterprise and provides the capabilities of the system. The results of the study can be used in the implementation of the commercial sphere of civil aviation.

Key words: automated management system, database, clients, employees, delphi, interface.

Numbers of magazine:
№-2 (21) 2021