Authors: Zhalmagambetova U.K., Zayyrkeldi M. T.
УДК 536.24

Abstract. A review of various methods of intensification of convective heat transfer has been conducted, an experimental setup and research methodology have been developed, preliminary results of a study of the effectiveness of heat transfer intensification methods have been presented.
The analysis allows us to recommend the use of the nozzle layer as an accelerator of heat transfer in the channel (pipe) in the laminar flow mode. Despite the fact that the use of nozzles leads to high process efficiency, the nozzles have significantly higher values of the hydraulic resistance coefficient, which in some cases increase significantly faster than the particle transfer rate coefficient.
Therefore, the task of intensifying heat exchange is reduced to finding optimal conditions for conducting processes that minimize hydraulic resistance in channels with amplifiers, maximizing the intensity of the process.
Therefore, the choice of the most effective amplifiers should be made on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the entire power plant.

Keywords: heat transfer, intensity, pipe, heat output.

Numbers of magazine:
№-1 (24) 2022