Authors: Tenbaeva A.M
UDC 81`37:003;81`22

Abstraсt. The article deals with some semantic types of aviation metaphor. This type of metaphor is included in the general classification of scientific metaphor. The author of the article rightly points out that metaphor is a necessary element of scientific work. The metaphorical meaning of words in the aviation field is one of the most significant ways of understanding phenomena and objects. Aviation metaphors based on parallels with human life and the animal world, Tenbaeva A.M. supplemented with examples from the sphere of professionalism.
The type of aviation terms based on the “sky – air ocean” parallel is considered. To this type, Tenbaeva A.M. refers to words borrowed from the terminology of the Navy. Depending on the degree of activation of the figurative meaning, they are divided into three subtypes. Of particular interest is the third subtype of words, in the semantics of which the figurative meaning is clearly manifested. They included such aviation terms as «keel», «landing gear gondola», «cruising flight mode».

Key words: semantic types of metaphor, scientific metaphor, aviation metaphor, figurative meaning, terms, professionalisms.

Numbers of magazine:
№-1 (20) 2021