Authors: Keribayeva T.B., Rysbekova A.A.,Abdimatova T.D., Toilybai O., Seyfula G. N.
UDC 629.7

Abstract. Composite materials are among the most common materials in aircraft construction.
Due to the high importance of using composites in aviation, reliable non-destructive testing methods
are needed to ensure weight reduction in combination with mechanical properties, as well as to
prevent catastrophic failures. This article provides an overview of the current situation in this area
and focuses on the achievements and difficulties encountered by rengenic methods of non-destructive
testing in assessing the integrity of important aviation composites. The focus is on advanced certified
non-destructive testing methods for damage detection and use in primary and secondary aircraft
structures, as well as for determining the characteristics of composite materials.

Keywords: acoustic emission; composite structures of aircraft; eddy current testing;
radiography and tomography.

Numbers of magazine:
№-3 (30) 2023