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№-1 (32) 2024
Authors: Alekseyeva M.E., Alekseyev R.I.
Number of magazine: №-1 (32) 2024

Abstract. This article provides an overview of the European Clean Aviation innovative scientific and technical programme, its key thrusts, shows some intermediate results, presents a list of projects, products and technologies being developed. The purpose of the article is to describe the essence of current trends in the aviation industry, review innovative solutions and technologies used to reduce the harmful environmental impact of air transport. The authors conclude that the Clean Aviation joint initiative, as an example of public-private and regional cooperation, makes a significant contribution to the implementation of long-term goals to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Keywords: Clean Aviation programme, public-private partnership, innovative technologies, hydrogen and hybrid-electric power plants, regional aviation, short medium range aircraft.

Authors: Abdumanapov M.M., Sholokhov P.A. A. Demchenko A., Umurzakov A., Khairbekova M., Brostilova D.A.
Number of magazine: №-1 (32) 2024

Abstract: The history of gyroscopes, its applications in various fields and functions are discussed. The significance of its use and development prospects in modern fields are indicated. A complete understanding of such a device as a gyroscope is given, and its various types are considered. The principle of operation of the gyroscope is described.

Key words: gyroscope, steering wheels, steering wheel, remote control, navigation.

Authors: Ashirov A.T., Yergaliyev D.S.
Number of magazine: №-1 (32) 2024

Annotation. This article analyzes the state of the flight safety level depending on the evolution and change of the systems of indication and control of the parameters of the aircraft equipment and its spatial coordinates. The influence of various display methods on the degree of “convenience” of perception and, as a result, on flight safety is investigated.
As part of the study, an overview of the available literature and statistical data was made, and the results of an analysis of the IATA flight safety status were presented.
The analysis of the available generations of display and alarm systems has been carried out, the most optimal options and information presentation systems have been identified.
The article reveals the importance of a rational approach to the formation of an integrated and effective display system, convenient and easily receptive for rafts at various stages of training and preparation. Forecasts are given based on actual statistical data and current trends in the level of flight safety.

Keywords: vision, visual information, flight safety, statistical data, aviation accidents and incidents, generations of aircraft equipment and display systems.

Authors: Kochetkova K.D., Sholokhov P.A., Balgozhiev A., Krasnoperov V., Myrzagaliev M.
Number of magazine: №-1 (32) 2024

Abstract: Accelerometers are widely used in various devices related to displacement, tilt and vibration. The list of typical applications of accelerometers includes avionics, industry, household appliances, fall protection systems, medicine and sports, as well as information input devices. That is why it is important that the selected accelerometer fits all the specified parameters, for example, it is simple in design, has an increased sensitivity threshold and no stagnation zone. The choice of the optimal accelerometer for a particular product depends on numerous factors. At the early stages of accelerometer development, it is necessary to evaluate many factors, such as the expediency of costs and the relevance of this product, to check the comparison of characteristics with various analogues of domestic and foreign countries, as well as to assess the degree of risk in obtaining a number of characteristics, taking into account the achieved world level. When drawing up the terms of reference, it is also important to take into account all of the above factors. The accelerometer is designed to measure the parameters of translational motion and is used as a sensor for changing the position of the device in space.

Key words: accelerometer, acceleration, inertial mass, frequency spectrum, sensitivity threshold.

Authors: Adam Huseynov

Abstract: This comprehensive examination explores the critical role of legal frameworks in ensuring safety within the aviation industry across various facets of air transport. It delves into the international agreements and standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the meticulous supervision provided by National Aviation Authorities. The article navigates through the intricate network of regulations governing airworthiness, crew training, air traffic management, and emergency response. By scrutinizing the nuanced details of each segment, the discussion highlights how these legal frameworks serve as imperceptible architects, cultivating a global environment where safety is prioritized, emergencies are adeptly managed, and the skies remain a secure medium for transportation.

Keywords: Аir transport safety, legal frameworks, airworthiness regulations, emergency response, flight safety.

Authors: Asilbekova I.Zh., Konakbay Z.E.

Abstract: The successful integration of Kazakhstan’s economy into the world system in the context of globalization is impossible without the development of the transport system within the country. Therefore, the development of the transport industry as a whole should be aimed at improving the level of development of the infrastructure of the transport system. An important task of the transport and communication infrastructure is to ensure the availability and quality of transport services in remote regions and regions with insufficient population density.

Keywords: airport, transport, airport complex, airlines, aviation.

Authors: Akhmadov G.M. , Abdullayeva S.M.

Annotation. Using new Industry 4.0 technologies, many companies are developing business models that radically change the competitive environment and create new markets. We explore the role of logistics and transport services in creating this new economic reality.

Keywords: industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, blockchain, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence, logistics, transport.

Authors: Alibekkyzy K.

Annotation. Currently, in real conditions, the development engineer is faced with the problem of parametric uncertainty. Aircraft operate under conditions of uncertainty; there have always been, are and will be various external disturbances that act on the aircraft. This determines the development of an indefinite system for automatic control of the aircraft’s roll angle during fast lateral short-period movement, for system reliability and increased flight safety. Consequently, the obtained research results of the dissertation work are very important for science and can be used in the future to solve problems in the theory of aircraft control under conditions of uncertainty.

Key words: bank angle, mathematical model, uncertain system, airplane, autopilot, lateral movement, matrix analysis, closed system.

Authors: Bazarova M.

Abstract. In recent years, scientific and technological achievements have enabled the development of science and knowledge, allowing the establishment of worldwide communications, which forms the basis for the exchange of endless information. The development of information technology and the worldwide Internet system in each country is a state structure and has contributed to the profitable work of all sectors of socio-economic activity. Therefore, every citizen of a state society in the present era must skillfully use information and communication technologies (ICT) through a computer.
Information technology plays a major role in the formation of a competitive national education system and the beneficial use of its capabilities among global knowledge. Information technology – based on the work of electronic computing technology, the use of computers in teaching, modeling, electronic textbooks, interactive subjects, working with the Internet and in computer training programs. Information teaching materials provide teaching in connection with the use of communication subjects.

Key words: informative-communication, information technology, internet, electronic system, science and technique, computer literacy.