Authors: Kochetkova K.D., Sholokhov P.A., Balgozhiev A., Krasnoperov V., Myrzagaliev M.
IRSTI 73.37.81

Abstract: Accelerometers are widely used in various devices related to displacement, tilt and vibration. The list of typical applications of accelerometers includes avionics, industry, household appliances, fall protection systems, medicine and sports, as well as information input devices. That is why it is important that the selected accelerometer fits all the specified parameters, for example, it is simple in design, has an increased sensitivity threshold and no stagnation zone. The choice of the optimal accelerometer for a particular product depends on numerous factors. At the early stages of accelerometer development, it is necessary to evaluate many factors, such as the expediency of costs and the relevance of this product, to check the comparison of characteristics with various analogues of domestic and foreign countries, as well as to assess the degree of risk in obtaining a number of characteristics, taking into account the achieved world level. When drawing up the terms of reference, it is also important to take into account all of the above factors. The accelerometer is designed to measure the parameters of translational motion and is used as a sensor for changing the position of the device in space.

Key words: accelerometer, acceleration, inertial mass, frequency spectrum, sensitivity threshold.

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№-1 (32) 2024