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№-3 (22) 2021
Authors: Mukashev K.K., Ospanov E.A., Zolotov A.D.

Annotation. Mathematical models of the firing process presented in the literature are mainly divided into two directions: the study of physico-chemical processes of clinker formation with a significant chemical bias, and the study of thermal processes occurring in firing furnaces. To build a process control system, a mathematical model is required that contains measured values and control actions in the form of model variables, and reflects the relationship between these variables in dynamics. The available mathematical models of the firing process reflect a large number of physical parameters that are difficult to measure or calculate based on the measured data. In the proposed article, as models of the dynamics of the clinker calcination process during the preparation of cement in a rotary kiln, the heat balance equation describing the change in the physicochemical properties of the mixture of starting materials during calcination is used. A study of a mathematical model of the clinker firing process using modern information technologies, namely the MATLAB 9 program and the Simulink dynamic systems modeling package, has been carried out.
Keywords: clinker, thermal balance, temperature, specific heat, control system.

Authors: Karsakbayev A.N.,Zolotov A.D.

Abstract. In article there are given research results of automated air conditioning systems in production locations.   Optimum parameters of weather conditions exert impact not only on health of the person, but also on productivity of his work. Therefore the solution of this problem is important not only from the economic, but also physiological point of view. From the point of view of ynamics the most difficult subject to regulation in installation of air conditioning is the irrigation camera. The mathematical model of the camera of irrigation was developed for optimum сontrol of the air conditioning system, on its basis the regression model of an object is created and the algorithm of operation of automated system taking into account coefficient of connectivity of three controlled parameters of motion speed, temperature and humidity is developed. This algorithm allows to support the given temperature and moist parameters, as was shown in case of simulation of system in a software package of LabVIEW.

Keywords: air conditioning system, microcontroller, automated control system.

Authors: Bolegenova S.A.,Isataev M.S.,Tuyakbaev A.A.,Kenbai A.A.,Nurullin R.I.
Number of magazine: №-3 (22) 2021

Abstract. The paper presents the design features of helicopter rotors, varieties of color sensors, including those made on the basis of hydrogenated amorphous silicon films with spectral sensitivity of the human eye, a block diagram of a device that monitors the quality of helicopter engine oil and turbidity, which determines the loss of alignment of the helicopter rotor with the engine shaft.

Keywords: helicopter, main rotor, color sensor, bearings, oil in helicopter engine, reference oil, fiber optic, LED, aircraft, temperature.

Authors: Mamyrbayev O., Oralbekova D.
Number of magazine: №-3 (22) 2021

Abstract. Automatic speech recognition is a rapidly developing field in machine learning. The most popular speech recognition systems today are systems based on an integrated (end-to-end) architecture, and especially those models that directly output a sequence of words taking into account the input sound in real time, which are online end-to-end models. Speech streaming recognition allows you to transfer the audio stream to speech-to-text conversion and receive the results of speech recognition of the stream in real time as the audio is processed. In this article, a popular model based on RNN-T for recognition of Kazakh speech is considered and implemented. The analysis of works related to the recognition of Kazakh speech based on the CTC model is also given. The obtained results demonstrated that the RNN-T-based model can work well without additional components as a language model and showed the best result on our dataset. As a result of the conducted research, the system reached 10.6% CER, which is the best indicator among other integrated systems for recognition of Kazakh speech.

Keywords: Automatic speech recognition, end-to-end, RNN-T, CTC, sequence-to-sequence.

Authors: Zolotov A.D., Zhakenbayev S.T.
Number of magazine: №-3 (22) 2021

Abstract. The drying stage in the technological process of ceramic brick production is crucial, since during this period it is possible to form cracks that determine the strength and quality of the finished product. The drying stage is accompanied by significant energy consumption, which can be reduced through the use of automated control. In order to dry the raw material in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of waste, drying must be carried out strictly according to the regime established experimentally.
The article examines the development of a mathematical model of the drying process of ceramic bricks, which ensures its precise adjustment in order to improve the quality of ceramic bricks and reduce energy consumption. A study of a mathematical model of the drying process using modern information technologies, namely the MATLAB 8.5 program and the Simulink dynamic system modeling package, has been carried out.
Keywords: mathematical modeling, drying, ceramic brick, temperature, adjustment.

Authors: Kalekeyeva М.Е., Zhardemkyzy S.
Number of magazine: №-3 (22) 2021

Abstract. The main goals of the draft law proposed for consideration are to reduce the time for customs operations, ensure the quality of customs services provided, and further develop the information systems of customs authorities.

Key words: Declaration, customs Declaration, customs operations, customs control, customs payments and taxes, green and red channel system.

Authors: Zakirova L.Z.

Abstract. This article discusses the technique of piloting and performing helicopter operations in the meteorological layers. The influence of weather is by far the largest contributor to all helicopter accidents. All civil aviation flights can be performed only if the flight crew knows the meteorological situation in the flight area, landing site and at alternate aerodromes. Therefore, it is extremely important that each pilot has a free command of the necessary meteorological knowledge, understands the physical nature of meteorological phenomena, their relationship with the development of synoptic processes and local physical and geographical conditions, which is a guarantee of flight safety. The type of weather that can be affected: wind, rain, cold, snow, fog, clouds or lightning.

Keywords: Artificial horizon, roll, pitch, information system, civil aviation, transport, true airspeed indicator (ASI), vertical speed indicator (VSI), life cycle.

Authors: Калекеева М.Е., Жәрдемқызы С.

Аннотация. В статье расматривается состояние авиации Казахстана в условиях короновирусной ситуации. В статье представлены специальные правила в аэропортах по предотвращении распространении короновируса, процедуры выполняемы, когда воздушное судно не используется. Цель данной статьи – показать состояние, роль авиации в кризисной ситуации.

Ключевые слова: авиация, короновирусная ситуация, авикомпания, рейс, ограничения, аэропорт, авиационная индутрия, консервация, пассажир, чрезвычайная ситуация, самолет, расходы, Комитет Гражданской Авиации, медикаменты.

Authors: Zakirova L.Z.

Abstract. This article discusses the basic principles of helicopter landing. All helicopters can perform both vertical landing and (if necessary) take-off landing (by plane). Helicopters with a drift landing gear, although they can (in principle) land at a certain horizontal speed, are not very well adapted to this and rarely use such a landing technique (namely, in cases of insufficient engine power for hovering, with a number of failures, etc.). Landing in this case is performed with the lowest possible translational speed.

Keywords: “H”, ROD, information system, civil aviation, transport, combined system, life cycle.

Authors: Daraev A.М., Fayzrahman A.K., Zhаdiger T.A.

Abstract. The problem of combating ISI (intersymbol interference) and ICI (interchannel interference) in wireless systems is very relevant, and in many cases it does not yet find an acceptable solution. The article discusses the causes of digital signal distortion. The methods of combating distortion are presented: spaced reception, separation of individual signals at the receiving point using broadband signals, reception using the alignment of the frequency characteristics of the channel.
Modern wireless access systems are based on algorithms for generating and processing signals with OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) technology, Since the accepted standard cannot be changed, the developers have only one way out-to compete with each other in improving the receiving equipment, using more complex signal processing methods and optimizing the computing and hardware costs for their implementation.

Keywords: intersymbol interference, signal distortion, multipath interference, intersymbol distortion compensation, OFDM.

Authors: Suranchieva N.R., Yelubai A.M.

Abstract: The study was carried out to determine the present and future project “Digital Kazakhstan”. The article is based on a desk study using the technique of analyzing secondary data. Since the article analyzed a government project, the author used data from government resources as a source to achieve the research goal. The article shows the main directions of the “Digital Kazakhstan” project and defines the results and performance indicators in each direction. This is an indicator of the success of the project. In addition, in the recommendations section, the author predicts the future direction of the project, based on the most relevant work in the digital age by Klaus Schwab “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. In conclusion, the article provides specific facts and figures about the present and future of the “Digital Kazakhstan” project, emphasizes the importance and relevance of the project.

Key words: digitalization, human capital, innovation, labor productivity, economy, society, industrial revolution.

Authors: Tolekova A.,Bolysbekova A.,Nurkenova G.

Abstracrt. Purpose: to define a complete and safe process of electronic document management.
Methodology. During the research, the following methods were used:
1) communication analysis;
2) functional analysis;
3) sabotage analysis;
4) synergetic analysis;
5) synthesis.
Scope of application. This work can be applied as an auxiliary research in the formation of hardware and software for the use of electronic document management.
Results. The results of this work are:
1) initial understanding of the main documents in the aviation industry;
2) the main elements of document management in aviation;
3) recommendations on electronic document management.
Conclusions. According to the results of the study, the following conclusions were obtained:
1) document management is a complex process related to both auxiliary production and main production;
2) one of the security measures in the aspect of document security is the backup and output of documents in material form.

Keywords: electronic document management, document management analysis, document management in aviation, document management standards, secure document management.