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№-3 (30) 2023
Authors: Ospanov E.A.
Number of magazine: №-3 (30) 2023

Abstract. The article discusses mathematical modeling of flight planning directions.
Mathematical calculations of accuracy and adequacy are analyzed.

Key words: Mathematics, modeling, computational experiment, dynamics, software, controls,

Authors: Rysbekova A.A., Keribayeva T.B., Abdimatova T. D.,Seyfula G. N., Toilybai O.
Number of magazine: №-3 (30) 2023

Abstract. Modernization of life support systems for the crew and passengers of aircraft is one of the most important aspects of aviation security. Here are some of the advances in technology that
have improved the survival of modern aircraft: oxygen systems, Cabin Pressure Control, Emergency Evacuation Systems, advanced filtration systems. In general, the modernization of life support
systems for the crew and passengers of aircraft has significantly increased the safety and comfort of ir travel. Thanks to these advanced systems, passengers and crew can feel safe and confident during the flight.As for the technologies considered in this work, which are used both on Earth and in space conditions, the integration of life support systems for space flight into aviation can have both scientific significance and practical significance.From a scientific point of view, it is more efficient to integrate life support systems from the pace industry into aviation, and more stable life support systems can provide new data on the impact of various factors on a person during high-altitude flights. From a practical point of view, integrating life support systems from the space industry to aviation can significantly improve flight safety and comfort, especially in conditions of long-distance flight.

Keywords: space, flight safety, resources, aviation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, International Space Station.

Authors: Alibekkyzy K.
Number of magazine: №-3 (30) 2023

Abstract. Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmission can be used to increase the capacity of visible light communication (VLC) systems. This approach is well compatible with the
use of micro light emitting diode (µLED) arrays.In this paper, we demonstrate a VLC-MIMO imaging system using a 2D array of individually addressable microLEDs and an integrated CMOS-based receiver. The total data transfer rate of ~920 Mbps is realized using four parallel channels at a distance of 1 m. Further increase in data transfer rate is possible by optimizing the system components and operating conditions.

Keywords: visible light communication, multiple input and multiple outputs, optical wireless communication.

Authors: Keribayeva T.B., Rysbekova A.A.,Abdimatova T.D., Toilybai O., Seyfula G. N.
Number of magazine: №-3 (30) 2023

Abstract. Composite materials are among the most common materials in aircraft construction.
Due to the high importance of using composites in aviation, reliable non-destructive testing methods
are needed to ensure weight reduction in combination with mechanical properties, as well as to
prevent catastrophic failures. This article provides an overview of the current situation in this area
and focuses on the achievements and difficulties encountered by rengenic methods of non-destructive
testing in assessing the integrity of important aviation composites. The focus is on advanced certified
non-destructive testing methods for damage detection and use in primary and secondary aircraft
structures, as well as for determining the characteristics of composite materials.

Keywords: acoustic emission; composite structures of aircraft; eddy current testing;
radiography and tomography.

Authors: Adikanova S.
Number of magazine: №-3 (30) 2023

Abstract. This paper shows for the first time that the problem of continuous downhole
monitoring in the oil and gas industry is effectively solved through the use of visible light
communication (VLC). As a reliable, flexible and low-cost method, VLC can meet the critical need
of operators to maintain production efficiency and optimize gas well performance. The proposed VLC
system uses a Light Emitting Diode (LED) transmitter and a highly sensitive single photon detection
receiver called a Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD). The latter plays an important role in
enabling communication over long distances, and the fact that there is no ambient light in the gas pipe
is exploited.In particular, the absence of ambient light provides a high signal to noise ratio (SNR) in a
receiver that operates in photon counting mode. In this study, the bit error rate (BER) performance of
the system is simulated for a 4 km long metal pipe. The proposed system is shown to be more energy
efficient than traditional methods, which is important because the transmitter is assumed to be battery
powered. In addition, the theoretical BER performance is calculated and compared with simulation

Keywords: wireless optical communication (OWC), visible communication

Authors: Sosunova D.Y.,Karimov B. A.

Abstract. The main task of transport logistics is the rationalization of the transportation of
material resources. The solution to this problem is to choose the type of transport for transporting
certain goods, as well as building an optimal route model. In this article we will consider the method
of expert assessments, on the basis of which it is possible to determine the most suitable method of

Keywords. Transport, cargo transportation, types of transport, quality criteria, method of expert
assessments, transport problem.

Authors: Abdullah Saeed

Abstract. In Afghanistan, day to a day power struggle, rampant corruption, and numerous
challenges increased and affected National Unity Government. The survival of the country was
managed with the help of International Assistance. Afghanistan Analyst Network reports that
mismanagement and electrical fraud exist in the parliamentary and presidential elections of 2018 and 2019.Two parties in Afghanistan had created continuous political tension in the country. In several
ways, the government of Afghanistan suffered due to violence and insecurity problems. The sociopolitical management was of the country not focused on efficiently maintaining security problems.
Additionally, due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, ninety per cent of the Afghan
people were suffering from economic, environmental crises and insecurity problems. The
parliamentary election scheduled after the first election in 2004 led to several challenges due to slow
preparations. The people of Afghans prefer to have a strong government was the lesson learnt by the
presidential election in Afghanistan. The irregularities and fraud reveal the different types of voting
patterns. The challenges of a presidential election in Afghanistan based on the voter turnout were
examined in this study. The post-conflict state of the country caused the increase or decrease in voter
turnout in Afghanistan. The change in the socio-political and economic, and security situation of the
country was analyzed during the presidential and parliamentary elections. Parliamentary chambers of
Afghanistan held over various years were analyzed based on the number of registered voters, ballots
and valid votes.

Keywords: parliament, presidential elections, Afghan population, economic situation,
government, corruption.

Authors: Nabi N.B.,Sapashev O.,Rakhmetova A.S.

Annotation. Due to the very rapid pace of development of information technology and science,
there are high demands on human knowledge and skills. Including the ability of a person to properly
communicate with the general public, with other communicators, is one of the skills that everyone
should master today. Among them, the ability of a person to establish the right relationship with both
society and the individual is one of the advanced skills that need to be mastered. It’s no secret that
today it is becoming normal to communicate, not paying attention to the purity of the language, the
deep meaning of words and the norms of the literary language. That is why in the modern educational
process there is a need for the student to be able to properly master pronunciation skills. In language
classes, it is important to correctly perform pronunciation activities when establishing communication
with communicants.Recently, in methodological works, there has been a tendency to separate the terms “speaking” and “speech” actively forming their structure and features. In this regard, various conclusions and opinions of foreign and domestic methodologists were expressed regarding teaching pronunciation
and its methodology, methodological educational materials and research papers were published.
Speaking is carried out in the process of speech based on a specific communicative goal. By
organizing the process of speaking in the classroom, you can teach the student to correctly express
his thoughts and draw conclusions. A skill, in turn, is a process that is continuously repeated in a daily
lesson and, on its basis, is brought to automatism. That is why the modern educational paradigm is aimed at developing a set of correct educational and business skills for the student. The article
presents the techniques of speaking, ways of mastering it by the student on the example of specific
tasks according to the concept of the 4K model.

Keywords: speaking process, 4K model, critical thinking, communication, collaboration,
language combinations, teaching methods, cognition.

Authors: Akbayeva A.N., Akbayeva L.N.

Abstract. The article provides a deep political science analysis of the main provisions of the
Message of the Head of State K.K. Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan “Economic course of a Just
Kazakhstan” dated September 1, 2023. In the Message, President Tokayev reviewed the current
situation in the country, outlined key areas of work for the medium term, covered all the “painful”
points of public life and set before the government clear vectors for the development of our society.
According to the president, the continuation of the political modernization carried out in 2022 should
now be structural economic transformations. Thus, the country faces a profound restructuring of
relations in the triad “citizen – business – state.” President Tokayev believes that Kazakhstan has a
chance for a powerful economic breakthrough. That is why it is necessary to gradually, but firmly
and decisively move to a new economic model, which is led not by abstract achievements, but by a
real improvement in the lives of citizens.
Three principles – fairness, inclusiveness and pragmatism – should determine the country’s new
economic course. The new paradigm for the economic development of Kazakhstan will be based on
the effective use of our competitive advantages, as well as unlocking the potential of all key factors
of production – labor, capital, resources and technology. Within the framework of the new economic
policy, the practice of setting long-term ephemeral goals should be forgotten. All tasks set out in this
Message must be solved within three years; for the most difficult ones, other specific deadlines will
be determined. The authors of the article consider the 2023 Presidential Message to be a new political
agenda for Kazakh society, in which the basis for the emerging policy will be a focus on strengthening
the middle class.

Key words: welfare state, climate agenda, banking sector, civil service, personnel policy,
political modernization, intellectual platform, liberal democratic values.