Authors: Yelubai A.M.,Tulekova G.H.,Suranchieva N.R.
UDC 378.147

Abstract. The article describes the importance of mastering the auditable activity, one of the important types of speech activity. In a Russian-speaking audience, students can develop the ability to communicate, increase interest, motivation, and activity in learning a language by mastering listening. The perception and memorization of the information listened to by the learner depends on the informativeness and compositional structure of the text content, as well as on the volume of the text and the pronunciation time. The presence in the audio text of information consisting of facts and evidence expressing the main idea, the presence of a problem with a certain solution, the logical sequence of the stated thought and, in the end, the conclusion revealing the content of the text – indicates that the text meets methodological requirements. The content of the general text should be understandable to the language learner, and the language learner should be able to use it in the speech process. In cases where unfamiliar words in the text do not exceed 2 percent, the language learner, without paying attention to them, strives to assimilate the main idea that should be expressed in the text. We can see the results of our work only when, in parallel with mastering listening, there is its control, evaluation.
The article discusses the optimal methods and techniques of mastering professional texts by students through listening. Formation of professional orientation, skills of a specialist. Education in a higher educational institution is the main way of development of society. Therefore, the topics that take place in vocational education, including planning issues, should be based on the latest achievements of science.

Key words: listening, professional words, professionally-oriented, practical training, teaching skills.

Numbers of magazine:
№-3 (26) 2022