Authors: Akbayeva A.N.,Akbayeva L.N.
UDK 32:005.745

Abstract.The article reveals the significance of the new concept of the foreign policy of the
Republic of Kazakhstan, the old and new approaches and principles used in it, updated priorities. The
authors conduct a consistent political analysis of the current situation in the system of international
relations of Kazakhstan, international experience, and the basic principles of foreign policy. The
article reflects the goals and objectives of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy strategy, the country’s key
priorities in the international arena, foreign policy implementation tools, implementation stages and
expected results. The authors of the article emphasize that the new concept differs from the previous one by analyzing the current situation in the system of international relations. At the same time, the emphasis
is on identifying such challenges and threats to this system as a crisis of confidence and an increase
in conflict between various international actors. Kazakhstan, on the one hand, keeps a “hand on the
pulse”, well understands and takes into account the ongoing processes at the global and regional levels
of world politics. On the other hand, in the ambiguous conditions in the international arena, it is
important and profitable for him to position himself as “an active and responsible member of the
international community, making a significant contribution to ensuring international and regional
stability and security”, focused on maintaining friendly, predictable and mutually beneficial relations
with foreign partners.
Key words: crisis of confidence, multilateralism, human factor, investment cooperation, “soft
power”, status of the “leading state in the region”, tools of “people’s diplomacy”.

Numbers of magazine:
№-2 (29) 2023