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№-2 (21) 2021
Authors: Temirbekov E.S., Arinov E., Bostanov B.O.
Number of magazine: №-2 (21) 2021

Abstract. In this article, a gripper with drives in the form of three flexible traction elements is modeled. It is being developed for performing grasping operations by means of robotics, which will not only increase productivity, but also take over the performance of orientation work. Here, a flat model of the gripper with static calculations is developed, the relationship between the reactions at the contact points of the teeth of the gripper and the captured cylindrical object, the forces in three flexible traction elements and the metric parameters of the gripper are shown. Taking a flat model as a basis, a 3D model of this grip was also developed on Inventor. The problem of the contact of the teeth of the grip and the cylindrical surface of the object that arose during the development was solved by replacing the theoretically straight point line of contact with a real narrow rectilinear strip at the end of each tooth. The calculated 3D model of the grip turned out to be correct, as shown by the corresponding diagram. The resulting calculation model allows you to perform calculations for strength and stiffness on the Inventor, as well as simulate the metric parameters of the grip and the external load to obtain the optimal size of the grip and calculate the forces on the drives to obtain the permissible forces on the teeth of the grip.

Keywords: grip, strength, stiffness, scheme, model.

Authors: Podalkov V.V., Karipbaev C.Zh.
Number of magazine: №-2 (21) 2021

Abstract. A complete theoretical substantiation of the process of aspherization of the rotor of an electrostatic gyroscope (ESG) during preliminary processing of its surface under uniform pressure has been developed. The problem of aspherization of the ESG rotor taking into account the fourth harmonic in the form of the rotor surface was solved using the methods of the spatial theory of elasticity. In this case, the equations of the inner surface of the rotor were presented in such a way that when it was aspherized, it became possible to get rid of not only the second, but also the fourth harmonics. Formulas for calculating pressure are given and cases are indicated when such a technological method does not give the required result.

Key words: Electrostatic gyroscope, rotor, angular velocity, rotor aspherization process, angular momentum, force function, “reference” voltage on electrodes, integration over electrode surfaces.

Authors: Semenyuk V.V.,Ritter D.V.,Petrov P.A.,Ritter E.S.,Sagimov A.E.
Number of magazine: №-2 (21) 2021

Abstract. This article discusses the step-by-step process of creating an unmanned aerial vehicle, including the choice of components, mathematical modeling, 3D model design, high-precision 3D printing, testing, autopilot software development, and program code verification in the local navigation system. The author in the final section gives directions for improving the UAV navigation unit, and also lists the scope of this device.

Keywords: UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), local navigation, 3D-model, 3D-printing, autopilot, testing.

Authors: Kudaikulov A.K., Arinov E.
Number of magazine: №-2 (21) 2021

Abstract. A horizontal rod of limited length is considered. The radius of the rod changes linearly along its length. The cross-sectional area of the left end is larger than the right one. The side surface of the rod under study is completely thermally insulated. The heat flow is applied to the cross-sectional area of the left end. Heat exchange with the environment occurs through the cross-sectional area of the right end of the rod. In the work, the field of temperature distribution, displacement, three components of deformation and stress are determined, provided that both ends of the rod are rigidly fixed. And also, the value of the elongation of the rod is determined when one end of the rod is fixed and when the other is free. In the case of fixing the two ends of the rod, the value of the resulting axial compressive force is also calculated. In the study of the rod, the fundamental laws of conservation of energy were used.

Keywords: Elongation, axial force, cross sections, temperature, displacement, deformation, stress.

Authors: Zhandildinova K.M.,Bimaganbetov M.A.,Moldabekov A.K.
Number of magazine: №-2 (21) 2021

Abstract. The article discusses the main composite materials in aircraft construction and their features. Honeycomb fillers, their design, ensuring the minimum mass of structures, maximum strength, rigidity, reliability, durability when working under heavy loads, at high temperatures and in aggressive environments, are composite materials.

Keywords: composite materials, honeycomb fillers, polymers.

Authors: Imasheva G.M.,Devetyarova N.V.

Abstract. During the difficult period of COVID-19 rule, every country in the world found itself in a powerful economic decline. This also affected Kazakhstan. The country’s leadership was forced to stop rail passenger traffic. But since rail transport carries important strategic significance, freight and container transportation continued to be carried out. During the pandemic, rail transport became key in cargo transportation. The strong increase in traffic during the pandemic was influenced by several reasons, due to which the total increase in cargo transported compared to 2019 year was 54%.[1] And these indicators are noted in both domestic and international transport. It should be noted that the well-coordinated and efficient work of field employees has helped not only to quickly reorganize for remote work, but also to find methods for high-quality and effective customer service. The situation with the global crisis has shown that the railway is at all times a key transport that satisfies the needs for the delivery of goods of any kind and in any direction.

Key words: COVID-19, crisis, transportation, growth, significance.

Authors: Zhardemkyzy S.,Zlunyaeva T.E.

Abstract. In order to accelerate the integration processes of the Kazakh transport complex into the international transport system and develop the country’s transit potential, a competitive environment for the provision of transport services has been created. The transport sector of Kazakhstan is developing taking into account the formation of sectoral complexes of the national economy of the republic (agro-industrial, fuel and energy, mining and metallurgical, construction and others), ensuring the relationship between sectors of the economy and regions.

Key words: market analysis, transport sector, logistics system, airspace.

Authors: Zhardemkyzy S., Serikkazhina A.S.

Аннотация. В настоящее время путешествия самолетом стали важной частью современного мира. Каждый день сотни тысяч людей во всех уголках нашей огромной планеты выбирают именно этот транспорт для далеких и близких путешествий. Из-за большой географической протяжённости Казахстана воздушный транспорт играет большую роль и зачастую не имеет альтернативы. В Казахстане имеется 22 крупных аэропорта, из которых 14 обслуживают международные перевозки. Большинство аэропортов недозагружены, пропускная способность аэронавигационной системы республики в настоящее время имеет более чем пятикратный запас. Большое значение для отрасли имеет транзит грузовых и пассажирских авиаперевозок между Европой и Азией.
Ключевые слова: Международные перевозки, развитие, конкурентоспособность, пропускная способность, аэронавигационная система.

Authors: Demidov A.N., Karimbekov M.A.

Annotation. This paper presents the results of a study of the strength properties of samples made of RIP insulation material (resin-impregnated paper) by tensile and indentation tests.

Keywords: insulation material, stretching, indentation, stretching and indentation diagrams.

Authors: Akbayeva A.N., Akbayeva L.N.

Abstract. The article examines the dynamics of gender relations in Europe from the period of early capitalism to the present. It also provides an analysis of the gender regime of the labor market in modern Kazakhstan, associated with structural changes in the economy.
In modern society, the interaction of male and female appears not only as a relationship based on gender difference, but also as a relationship based on inequality of opportunities in various fields of activity. In this regard, we encounter manifestations of gender inequality in the labor market. It is pointed out that in almost every society, the workforce is divided along with age and gender, with the result that some areas of activity are entirely the prerogative of women and some of men. For example, men previously prevailed in the public sphere, which included the leading spheres of politics and economics, while women were completely excluded from the political sphere and other public spheres, remaining dominant figures only in the household and the private sphere. The transformational processes caused by the market economy put both women and men in a situation of «gender crisis».

Key words: gender relations, sex differences, gender inequality, gender labor market regime, private sphere, public sphere.

Authors: Litvinov Yu.G.

Abstract. Satellite gravity data is used for the analysis of seismically active zones. As a result of processing gravimetric data from the GOSE and GRACE satellites, a global gravimetric map of the vertical gravity gradient and a gravimetric map for the Northern Tien Shan region were obtained. It is established that the epicenters of the foci of large earthquakes correlate with the location of zones of sharp changes in the vertical gravity gradient. Scope of application: geodynamics, seismology, geophysics.

Keywords: satellite gravity data, Earth’s crust, earthquake focal zones, gravity gradients.

Authors: Zasorina Yu.A.

Abstract. This article studies the role of written communication as one of the main types of speech activity. Learning technologies are discussed using a variety of exercises as an example. In teaching written communication, students need to master all forms of communicative written speech, such as study notes, abstracts, presentation, abstracting.

Key words: written communication, teaching tool, communication skills, types of exercises.